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Definition of press:

  1. An instr. or machine for compressing bodies; a printing- machine; the art or business of printing and publishing; the whole literature of a country- usually restricted to the literature of newspapers; a crowd; urgency; violent tendency; a small closet with shelves; a close, movable, wooden case having shelves; in Scrip., a wine- vat or cistern.
  2. To urge with force or weight; to crush or compress; to urge or enforce; to hurry; to overwork; to embrace closely; to force into a service, as the naval service- see prest; to distress or bear strongly on; to act with compulsive force; to go forward with impulsive eagerness; to crowd or throng; to urge with importunity; to push against.


tender, collection, circulation, threaten, bone, balance, complot, nip, librate, disturb, ask, flatten, correspondent, smooth, biweekly, fight down, commove, herd, bear on, converter, compaction, confusion, syndicate, pickle, military press, shake up, flick, muddle, fight, dry cleaner's, advocate, carriage, prove, hole, stuff, struggle, air pressure, strain, embed, public press, invite, hale, confirm, recommend, actuate, scrunch, promote, bike, cabal, water closet, wedge, locker, vouch for, charge up, clinch, sideboard, closet, bang out, contract, weightlift, buffet, chill, mess, bid, seek, agitator, kettle of fish, clip, backlist, call forth, busload, cut, inspire, haste, budge, manufacture, blower, vex, put forward, raise, columnist, support, constrict, undertake, pinch, force per unit area, solicit, pressure sensation, entreat, advertise, bosom, compress, mob, invoke, adjure, crusade, comic book, mass, legion, twitch, charger, newsman, urge, calf love, progress, go, mangle, consider, pantry, raise up, imperativeness, publishing house, press corps, dhobi, news agency, excite, edition, butcher, twinge, editorship, iron, butter, sign up, shrink, bring up, wring, activate, barrack, stub out, checkbook journalism, army, scrum, crowd, drag into, move, embrace, push, reviewer, urge on, insistence, instancy, crush, thrust, stir, condense, back number, reduce, printing press, comic, contribute, shake, collect, squelch, pester, labor, enfold, cheer, bulletin, rush out, forge ahead, defend, campaign, publisher, eject, clasp, touch, mechanical press, argue, brochure, crank, insist, control, oppose, throng, grind out, root on, rouse, insistency, journalist, over, engage, assert, compressor, crushed leather, blend, butchery, agitate, certify, count, straighten out, club, carve, shorten, fight back, take the field, conjure up, editor, narrow, reporter, press out, get, head, squash, ram, array, air, rush, bake, constringe, plead, crunch, electronic jamming, depress, make/prove your/a point, atmospheric pressure, cover, hutch, weight-lift, back copy, flock, mash, conspire, blanch, boil, badger, copyright, beat, loo, put right, take, churn out, pass, come out, bundle, infatuation, continue, pressure level, extract, boiler, turn out, advertize, grind, walk on, labour, point to, swarm, multitude, backstory, jam, calculator, produce, bibliography, beg, cram, bring out, validate, hug, express, rub, extinguish, sign on, carry on, contend, compression, rack, dry-clean, blackout, offer, jamming, pressing, puppy love, hold, manuscript, foreshorten, wardrobe, shove, embosom, tighten, hang out, compilation, host, convertor, charge, drip-dry, rout, insisting, call, stir up, come off, turn on, weigh, abridge, pressure, machinate, show, broadsheet, matter, concentrate, squeeze, pep up, fourth estate, force, citizen journalism, run, gouge, beseech, pack together, abbreviate, roll out, iron out, age group, papers, tweet, constellation, evoke, pack, extort, call down, cupboard, circle, fix, issue, cuddy, wish, edit, drove, horde, coax, compact, exhort, arouse, literary agent, bear, wad, tug, console, conjure, crush out, ISBN, implore, assemblage, shift, flow, back issue, flash, sign, hang up, energize.

Usage examples: