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Definition of presume:

  1. To take or suppose to be true or entitled to belief; to take for granted; to act without positive permission; to act with great confidence or arrogance.


suspicion, believe in, be a great/firm believer in something, take up, Think, on the strength of, misbehave, study at assume, hypothecate, try, premise, take for granted, assume, defy, seize, use, arrogate, strike, bear, take over, recognize, belief, abuse, exploit, get into, be founded on/upon, take on, rooted, say, affect, go too far, hazard, have the hide to do something, know best, put on, venture, make bold, relapse, descend to, make an exhibition of yourself, have a mind of your own, kick over the traces, adopt, be anchored in something, consist in, simulate, adhere to, impose, take, posit, wear, dare, try on, considering, incline, feign, acquire, daresay, usurp, be at it, claim, rest on, don, pretend, postulate, appropriate, build around, sham.

Usage examples: