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Definition of presumptuous:

  1. Bold and confident to excess; arrogant; hazarding safety on too slight grounds; rashly confident; wilful; irreverent with respect to holy things.


overfamiliar, free, toplofty, pert, sassy, haughty, busy, lordly, egotistic, smart, huffy, smart-alecky, bumptious, supercilious, self-opinionated, malapert, high-hat, meddlesome, superior, boldfaced, contumelious, courtesy, wise, prying, snoopy, chesty, egocentric, snippety, patronizing, assuming, stiff-necked, pushy, nervy, immodest, self-satisfied, pushing, highfalutin, lofty, proud, attitude, impudent, fresh, high-and-mighty, protrusive, huffish, familiar, high-handed, uppity, intruding, forward, assumptive, overweening, self-assertive, conceited, flip, presuming, sniffy, imperious, overconfident, brassy, interfering, assumptive, uppish, important, officious, peremptory, self-asserting, cavalier, pretentious, vain, snippy, meddling, pompous, masterful, obtrusive, nosy.

Usage examples: