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Definition of pretend:

  1. To hold out or allege to others something as true which is feigned or unreal; to assume or affect to feel; to claim or put in a claim; to hold out the appearance of possessing or performing.


fix, shit, vaunt, relieve oneself, tease, fantastic, realise, play out, ready, pee-pee, infer, cloak, false, urinate, pass water, faux, plead, cross, take a leak, chance, jeopardize, arrive at, keep up, impress, do, take chances, represent, estimate, run a risk, stake, arrogate, clear, crap, put forward, assume, phantasmal, piddle, boo-boo, take, dissemble, play, put on airs, real, synthetic, give, make a show of, advance, invented, reckon, make, accept, concede, avouch, realize, dissimulate, embark, bow-wow, piss, dummy, appropriate, get to, establish, sail under false colors, unreal, notional, adventure, think, build, hit, reproduce, make water, prepare, make like, get, Make believe, seduce, guess, take a crap, artificial, spend a penny, boast, wee-wee, construct, chimerical, bang, play-act, sham, postulate, mask, big, contend, progress to, defecate, fanciful, micturate, wee, asseverate, imaginal, have, cause, touch, fictional, cant, imitative, earn, take a shit, bear on, touch on, roleplay, put on, bunny, pull in, affect, score, impact, made-up, create, profess, pee, factitious, imitation, puddle, brag, invent, mislead, fantasied, bring in, bear upon, aver, judge, usurp, set forth, produce, purport, take a chance, involve, reach, strike, ca-ca, take in, cold, approximate, depone, cook, imagine, ideal, opine, pretense, assert, attain, visonary, name, substitute, stool, form, venture, move, suppose, lay down, hold, fabulous, honest, phantom, bogus, ersatz, try, mythical, make-believe, act, make up, play along, let on, draw, phantasmic, affect, dissemble, stimulate, depose, behave, maintain, feign, risk, gamble, dare, induce, gauge, imagined, allege, man-made, assume, act as, fictitious, hazard, confess, allege, simulated, pretence, nominate, choo-choo, playact, true, presume, pose, manmade, work, simulate, birdie, throw, constitute, regard, avow, feign, dissimulate, gain.

Usage examples: