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Definition of pretender:

  1. One who lays claim to anything under the pretence of a right; in Eng. hist., a name applied to the son and grandson of James II., the heirs to the house of Stuart, who laid claim to the British crown, from which their house had been excluded by enactment of Parliament.


ringer, the crown, imposter, commoner, fraud, dupery, put-on, fake, juke, quack, court, fakir, hoaxer, humbug, charlatan, pseud, shammer, malingerer, dissembler, faker, impostor, claimant, hoax, sham, abdicate, skulker, dethrone, accession, depose, postiche, actor, fraudulence, coronation, phony, mountebank, accede, crown, rogue, true, player, histrion, deceiver, thespian, hypocrite, phoney, role player, pseudo, owned, dissimulator, quacksalver, claimer, cheat.

Usage examples: