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Definition of pretension:

  1. A claim, true or false; a holding out the appearance of right or possession; right alleged or assumed.


lordliness, flash, pretense, intention, dishonesty, masterfulness, self-promotion, grandioseness, duplicity, haughtiness, objective, consequence, seeming, corruption, affectedness, largeness, extensiveness, simulation, title, self-importance, cloak, request, color, pomposity, ostentatiousness, pretence, thing, call, meaning, dissimulation, ruse, pretext, superciliousness, dream, end, mark, design, flamboyance, grandstanding, swagger, grandiosity, allegation, mask, trick, assumption, point, pompousness, imperiousness, bumptiousness, right, splashiness, guile, plain, huffiness, wile, ideal, double-dealing, make-believe, smoke and mirrors, loftiness, dissembling, plan, purpose, target, honest, intent, excuse, idea, foul play, puffiness, one-upmanship, inflation, self-consequence, presumptuousness, owned, dibs, pretending, bigness, aim, ambition, demand, comprehensiveness, aspiration, breadth, semblance, subterfuge, object, peremptoriness, superiority, pretentiousness, bourne, deception, hubris, assertion, misconduct, declaration, maintenance, high horse, toploftiness, hauteur, feigning.

Usage examples: