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Definition of pretentious:

  1. Exhibiting attempts to pass for more than one's real value; presuming.


stiff-necked, huffish, plain, self-asserting, inflated, flamboyant, parvenu, overblown, assumptive, hifalutin, puffy, cavalier, flaunty, imperious, toplofty, superior, lofty, lordly, self-assertive, highfalutin, huffy, arty-crafty, ornate, conspicuous, insincere, nouveau-riche, upstart, uppity, high-handed, high-minded, assumptive, kitsch, chesty, important, overweening, highfaluting, pontifical, disingenuous, parvenue, high-sounding, high-hat, hoity-toity, ostentatious, uppish, presuming, hollow, puffed-up, snippy, sugary, sesquipedalian, high-flown, splurgy, portentous, sniffy, high-and-mighty, sententious, masterful, artsy-craftsy, peremptory, la-di-da, jumped-up, grandiloquent, grandiose, supercilious, arty, high-flying, bumptious, showy, splashy, pompous, presumptuous.

Usage examples: