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Definition of prevarication:

  1. A shuffling or quibbling to evade the disclosure of the truth; a cavil; in law, a collusive fraud in which the informer or prosecutor and the defendant make a sham prosecution.


guile, cunning, whopper, dissimulation, fictionalization, falsehood, manufacturing, cock-and-bull story, assembly, hedge, imposition, story, canard, lie, fraud, equivocation, manufacture, evasiveness, fiction, weasel word, lying, fictionalisation, fairy tale, taradiddle, untruth, true, fable, misstatement, falsity, tall tale, deception, ambiguity, mendacity, fish story, inveracity, clear, tale, delusion, fabrication, craft, euphemism, deceit, evasion, waffle, fib, tergiversation, duplicity, equivoque, finesse, misrepresentation, trickery, double-dealing, shuffle.

Usage examples: