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Definition of prey:

  1. That which is or may be seized to be eaten, as by a wild beast; spoil; booty; plunder; ravage.
  2. To rob or pillage; to seize and devour; to rest heavily on, as the mind; to waste gradually; to corrode.


mark, sucker, loot, devour, objective, arachnid, course, eat, sap, big game, pillage, quarry, flow, casualty, raven, loss, arachnid, mug, run, butt, gull, fair game, pit, victim, sitting target, aim, fertilise, sitting duck, bear, beast, feed, fertilize, arthropod, object, chase, target area, feed in, biped, antedate, dupe, antecede, target, patsy, animal, predate, forego, give, feast, victim, adult, help, chump, guttle, foredate, precede, pig, fatality, beast of burden, amphibian, stone pit, forgo.

Usage examples: