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Definition of prickle:

  1. A small sharp- pointed shoot or spine growing from the bark of a plant or tree; a thorn; a sharp- pointed process or projection, as from the skin of an animal or the bark of a plant.


anguish, smart, spine, sting, kill, anatomical, carapace, dagger, prick, let yourself go, shake, pound, bradawl, pang, walk away with, arm, twinge, belly, shiver, suffer, sticker, backbone, tickle, prick up, spikelet, toughie, gummed label, feel, pricker, stumper, stitch, quake, bother, quail, anatomy, irritation, flinch, torment, spur, stifle, burn, thorn, overflow, throe, poser, give up to, cringe, neuralgia, antler, capsule, body, agony, trouble, blowhole, stab, paster, nurse, eina, pin, irritant, vertebral column, experience, needle, discomfort, bony, sharp, back, acantha, goad, possess, tingle, chill, soreness, distress, rachis, pain, bite, ache, cock up, hurt, misery, spike, feeling, spinal column, recoil.

Usage examples: