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Definition of prim:

  1. Carefully kept in order; trim; affectedly nice; precise.
  2. To deck with affected nicety.


prim out, tidy, kempt, puritanical, hypersensitive, bandbox, natty, best, dainty, prissy, defensive, decorous, square-toed, proper, bluenosed, thin-skinned, tight-laced, clean, boot-cut, niminy-piminy, prudish, shipshape, A-line, trig, moody, uncluttered, backless, priggish, squared-toe, well-groomed, button-through, genteel, stuffy, prim and proper, spruce, tidied, plain, blue, antiseptic, puritanic, nice-nelly, formal, casual, brief, overnice, nice, twee, snug, touchy, prim up, button-down, crisp, straitlaced, straight-laced, Victorian, neat, smug, trim, straightlaced, groomed, fragile, pat, strait-laced, cleanly, dapper, clingy, sensitive, old-maidish, refined, baggy, exquisite, demure, orderly, mincing, picked up.

Usage examples: