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Definition of primary:

  1. Primarily.


uncomplicated, number one, earliest, central, primary coil, firsthand, advance, native, unproblematic, beauty contest, primeval, patriarchal, near, ancient, underlying, applied, high, autochthonic, capital, by-election, direct, dominant, basal, unmediated, chad, chronic, curricular, numero uno, uncreated, formal, electioneering, preeminent, first-string, commanding, advanced, introductory, primary feather, graduate, academic, start, acute, major, catching, old, leading, paramount, indigenous, overbearing, autoimmune, early, before, clinical, initial, grand, big, supereminent, important, elect, immediate, congenital, overriding, predominant, prelusive, diachronic, highest, benign, beginning, essential, cardinal, initial, special, disenfranchise, since, supreme, basic, primary election, master, chief, first, premier, prior, prelim, maiden, pioneer, primordial, preparatory, first, of import, advance poll, immemorial, asymptomatic, direct elections, earlier, arch, top, didactic, prefatory, previous, by the time, precursory, educational, foremost, radical, particular, lead, base, campaign, greatest, primary quill, sovereign, pristine, great, communicable, underived, key, primary winding, primitive, elementary, presiding, surface, preparative, principal, overmastering, barely, main, election, original.

Usage examples: