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Definition of primitive:

  1. An original word; a word not derived from another.
  2. Of or belonging to remote or early times; ancient; pristine; old- fashioned; denoting that from which others are derived or formed.


old-world, stark, everyday, noncivilised, uncreated, innocent, patriarchal, out, wide-eyed, spontaneous, dewy, collage, lowbred, uninitiated, barbaric, bad-mannered, wild, civilise, coolie, primitive person, old-fashioned, unrefined, unsuspecting, benighted, ordinary, bas-relief, unworldly, unprocessed, ignorant, fierce, impromptu, fossil, unmannerly, rough, barbaric, abstract, fossilize, civilization, Carboniferous, Cro-Magnon man, old-time, wild, civilized, dago, aboriginal, primal, uncritical, gross, cross-cultural, the Dreamtime, immemorial, uncivilized, basic, essential, dewy-eyed, elemental, unknowing, normal, unremarkable, dated, archaic, ignorant, by accident, low-tech, involuntary, uninitiate, advanced, vulgar, arbitrary, green, savage, barbarous, commonplace, pristine, colored, uncultivated, backward, the Cretaceous, uncivilized, canvas, coloured, underlying, aquatint, untutored, caricature, primary, undomesticated, uncultured, unlearned, start, black, animal, early, nondescript, untamed, original, unintended, ill-bred, naive, naif, barbarian, surface, untaught, culture, the community, elementary, uncouth, natural, barbarian, mundane, noncivilized, rude, daub, uncultured, unpolished, unenlightened, standard, crude, fundamental, instinctive, uncivil, ultimate, cultural, autochthonic, fossilized, unwary, simpleminded, diptych, blunt, native, ill-mannered, aw-shucks, unmannered, raw, ammonite, era, routine, knowledge, coon, good, obsolete, accidental, untrained, civilize, civil society, prime, simple, low, uninstructed, doodle, unexceptional, caveman, underdeveloped, indigenous, cartoon, unsophisticated, unsuspicious, Canuck, civilisation, Gothic, savage, Eskimo, coincidental, underbred, earthy, random, bounderish, ingenuous, barbarous, yokelish, cracker.

Usage examples: