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Definition of princely:

  1. In the manner of a prince.
  2. Resembling or becoming a prince; high- born; stately; dignified; royal; very large, as a fortune.


marvelous, king-size, exalted, rarified, de luxe, gold, high-minded, rattling, wide, luxurious, munificent, voluptuary, sublime, wonderful, voluptuous, kinglike, high-flown, monarchal, elevated, blue-blooded, ducal, monarchical, splendid, golden, gilded, luxe, fantastic, aureate, superb, deluxe, noble-minded, sybaritic, high, good, noble, wondrous, rarefied, gilt, terrific, sumptuous, opulent, luxuriant, howling, epicurean, idealistic, rich, magnific, marvellous, meretricious, queenly, specious.

Usage examples: