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Definition of principal:

  1. A head or chief; one who takes the lead; the governor or chief in authority; the proprietor or head of a school or academy; the capital or chief sum, as one lent on interest.
  2. First; chief.
  3. Highest in rank or character; the most important; chief; leading; capital; essential.


tether, top, faculty, number one, booster cable, mainline, financier, big, supreme, star, lead, foremost, head, virtuoso, top dog, ham, principal sum, chancellor, body double, heart-throb, main, asterisk, leash, head teacher, lunch lady, bandsman, creditworthiness, composer, trail, wind, capital, controlling, psyche, header, read/write head, corpus, ultimate, compound interest, heading, great, spark advance, drumhead, promontory, lead story, ranking, prominent, actor, housemaster, fountainhead, grand, supereminent, sensation, monger, predominant, headway, overbearing, arch, track, coach, chief, world-class, alienate, straits, starring, borrowing, attest, high, trader, headland, nous, overmastering, crowning, caput, assignment, school principal, cause, creditor, creditworthy, highest, headteacher, primary, forefront, hint, drummer, champion, brain, genius, unsurpassed, preeminent, front rank, dealer, cellist, paramount, incomparable, governing body, maximum, predominating, basic, cardinal, over, of import, fiddler, first, alienation, capitulum, transcendent, guidance counselor, major, headspring, lead-in, lede, maven, central, unequaled, extension, bargainer, numero uno, highest-ranking, confidential information, greatest, adept, elementary, second to none, costar, pass, mind, superstar, mavin, jumper lead, houseparent, character actor, wizard, peerless, key, bail, leading lady, question, unrivaled, stellar, sovereign, cancel, concertmaster, accompanist, performing arts, prime, double, drum major, primal, bursar, atomic number 82, whizz, superior, matchless, educator, overriding, point, essential, foreclose, protagonist, instructor, pencil lead, prevailing, tip, jumper cable, actress, assign, whiz, ace, cancellation, head word, wiz, Chief, star topology, foreland, dominant, bassist, hotshot, steer, premier, oral sex, top-ranking, important, headliner, prior, debt collector, busker, borrowing power, blind trust.

Usage examples: