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Definition of private:

  1. A common soldier.
  2. Unconnected with others; peculiar to one's self; belonging to an individual only, or to a select number of persons; not open; not public; retired; not holding a public office.


underhanded, patented, clubby, restrictive, buck private, secluded, surreptitious, clandestine, hush-hush, foot soldier, cloistered, under control, hidden, closed-door, hugger-mugger, demotic, unavowed, sneaking, reclusive, sequestered, restricted, snobbish, occult, limiting, show, inward, respective, mystical, underground, mysterious, populist, common, cliquish, cliquish, specific, Green Beret, offstage, gracious, grenadier, New Age, hushed, austere, anonymous, backstairs, be someone's affair, Special, personalized, peculiar, monastic, singular, idiomatic, covert, airwoman, ordinary, crew, personal, secluded, airman, sneak, tete-a-tete, on a personal level, unknown, commando, uncertain, subjective, auricular, clannish, shadowy, nonpublic, retired, unique, GI, specific, individual, snobby, bombardier, stealthy, fast, one-woman, cloak-and-dagger, inside, back-to-nature, individualistic, close, finite, several, furtive, secret, undercover, popular, limited, prohibitive, common soldier, personal, living, closet, secretive, in strict confidence, sneaky, cannon fodder, particular, underhand, commonly, popularly, hole-and-corner, toffee-nosed, bohemian, sequestered, one-on-one, enclosed, individualized, obscure, within limits, proper, particular, classified, one-man, confidential, respective, insular, orphic, privy, individual, mystic, vox pop, stealth, backstage, inactive, strange.

Usage examples: