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Definition of probe:

  1. In surg., a small slender rod for examining a wound, ulcer, or cavity; that which searches or examines.
  2. To search or examine, as with a probe; to search into or examine thoroughly; to scrutinise.


grindstone, catheterize, poke into, essay, feeler, aerospace, balloon, interview, air pump, go through, booster, scrutiny, put to, cosmonaut, catch, communications satellite, opinion poll, dig into, drip, scavenge, disquisition, bandage, canvas, drain, investigation, elicitation, flame thrower, anesthetize, attend, defibrillator, bypass, bleed, Apollo, investigating, bring back, examen, seek out, pick through, cement mixer, astronaut, soundings, trawl, look out for, capsule, blast off, search out, forge, electrocardiogram, gauge, backhoe, reconnaissance, see, study, hunt down, put someone on the spot, concrete mixer, inquisition, public inquiry, delving, reference, EKG, gas turbine, cauterize, analyse, probation, jackhammer, ECG, EEG, anaesthetize, examine, Cape Canaveral, pick someone's brains, probing, try out.

Usage examples: