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Definition of problem:

  1. A question involving doubt or uncertainty proposed for solution; in geom., a proposition in which some operation or construction is required; in alg., a proposition which requires some unknown truth to be discovered or demonstrated; in logic, a proposition which, appearing neither absolutely true nor false, may consequently be asserted either in the affirmative or negative.


inquiry, worry, chore, burden, obstacle, problematic, difficult, fuss, knot, leading question, embarrassing, trials and tribulations, job, hassle, can of worms, rhetorical question, interrogative, poll, survey, hardship, trouble, disturbance, challenge, interrogation, line of work, line, paradox, easy, disruptive, case, fraught, intricacy, nuisance, baggage, troublesome, adverse, contentious, bad, bother, task, business, nut, invidious, questionnaire, caper, occupation.

Usage examples: