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Definition of procedure:

  1. A series of actions; manner of proceeding; management; conduct.


occasion, function, role, action, cesarean, mathematical function, result, circumcision, military operation, routine, mental process, number, methodology, bit, subprogram, part, mathematical operation, proceeding, subroutine, single-valued function, execution, cognitive process, operation, mathematical process, unconscious process, cognitive operation, means, surgery, colostomy, appendage, summons, abortion, agency, basis, functioning, influence, mapping, social occasion, process, social function, use, physical process, map, turn, measure, step, force, purpose, modus operandi, caesarean, move, outgrowth, planned, appendectomy, surgical procedure, office, angioplasty, attack, tack, surgical process, act, effect, surgical operation, bypass, C-section, line, D and C.

Usage examples: