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Definition of proceeds:

  1. The sum or amount of money obtained for goods or property sold.


exit, issuance, offspring, interest, earnings, restitution, harvest-festival, growth, dividend, emergence, bribe, getting even, upshot, retort, increase, way out, wages, coming back, harvest-tide, recurrence, net, revenue, fruit, yield, number, restoration, harvest, issuing, outlet, event, paying back, reaping, outcome, publication, reward, return key, regaining, consequence, replication, comeback, income tax return, gain, military issue, topic, gross profit, incoming, reappearance, harvesting, production, tax return, operating profit, return, crop, riposte, government issue, egress, ingathering, take, harvest-home, takings, bottom line, progeny, homecoming, gross margin, result, output, payoff, produce, percentage, final payment, matter, profit margin, counter, harvest-time, harvest-feast, subject, effect, issue, product, rejoinder.

Usage examples: