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Definition of procession:

  1. A train of persons moving with ceremonious solemnity either on foot or on horseback; the act of issuing or proceeding from.


onrush, caravan, ascending, cost increase, phalanx, bearer, mace, circle, master of ceremonies, ascent, process, baton, row, precede, furtherance, emanation, upgrade, promotion, lift, cordon, rising, wage increase, MC, march, scale, semicircle, rise, flow, run, overture, wage hike, onward motion, forward motion, betterment, acclivity, parade, orb, ring, improvement, approach, emission, salary increase, advancement, column, feeler, rope, boost, climb, patterned advance, round, formation, hike, rising slope, pageantry, file, advance, emcee, cavalcade, streak, crocodile, going, crown jewels, raise, progress, headway, suite, order, ascension, cash advance.

Usage examples: