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Definition of prodigal:

  1. A spendthrift.


unthrifty, save, profligate, pup, munificent, dissipated, rip, improvident, overweening, luxuriant, son of a gun, dissolute, high-rolling, libertine, big, unsparing, boor, rake, generous, lavish, spendthrift, scattergood, fast, wasteful, cad, squandering, excess, misogynist, careful, riotous, blood, excessive, rogue, too-generous, lush, lout, villain, extravagant, superabundant, rakehell, exuberant, degenerate, study at profuse, overgenerous, squanderer, unstinting, unstinted, wastrel, degraded, roue, waster, debauched.

Usage examples: