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Definition of prodigious:

  1. Very great; enormous; adapted to excite wonder; extraordinary; amazing; monstrous.


surprising, stupendous, leviathan, Brobdingnagian, important, whopping, significant, pompous, vasty, phenomenal, herculean, incredible, big, sublime, transcendent, supersize, Himalayan, large, enviable, praiseworthy, supersized, Bunyanesque, fantastic, exceptional, mighty, good, gigantesque, staggering, super-duper, astounding, commendable, foreboding, cosmic, eye-opening, wondrous, mega, super, pontifical, miraculous, distinguished, fantastical, noteworthy, oceanic, monster, olympian, surpassing, monstrous, especial, marvelous, stunning, behemoth, bumper, pharaonic, jumbo, titanic, walloping, monumental, portentous, astronomical, mountainous, astonishing, whacking, wonderful, fabulous, colossal, amazing, king-size, cyclopean, massy, respected, admirable, pythonic, galactic, unbelievable, mastodonic, heroic, special, particular, awful, fateful, grandiloquent, awe-inspiring, exceeding, overblown, extraordinary, planetary.

Usage examples: