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Definition of product:

  1. That which is produced by nature, as fruits, grain, & c.; that which is made by art or labour; performance; result; in arith., the number resulting from the multiplication of two or more numbers.


consequence, mixture, fate, resultant, harvest-home, growth, upshot, fruit, coefficient, computation, output, harvesting, offering, outcome, goods, original, carrefour, harvest-festival, reaping, conclusion, lineup, convergence, point of intersection, byproduct, brand leader, type, Arabic numeral, ingathering, labor, work, cube, aftermath, produce, intersection point, increase, common multiple, sequel, harvest-tide, generation, influence, species, harvest-time, effect, loss leader, corollary, cube root, commodity, yield, outgrowth, return, production, crossway, mathematical product, backwash, affair, wares, thing, overlap, harvest-feast, harvest, variety, line, dog, merchandise, end product, crossroad, bundle, handiwork, stock, issue, acquisition, brand name, sequence, base, aftereffect, consumer goods, precipitate, the aftermath, impact, arithmetic progression, make, development, come-on, crop, end result, proceeds, side effect, crossing, Jekyll and Hyde, individual, child, result, intersection, common factor, the upshot (of something), brand, constant, character, ware, derivative.

Usage examples: