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Definition of production:

  1. That which is produced or made; fruit; work; composition; in political economy, the processes by which the labour of man, either directly or indirectly, is made available for the development of utilities from the materials and forces supplied by nature.


fruit, manufacturing, output, debut, take, outturn, giving, output signal, cutaway, dub, appearance, toil, stock, the carbon cycle, motion picture, mass production, employment, return, command performance, exertion, wheel out, handiwork, bearing, exhibit, productive, opus, animation, ware, product, procreation, dub out, doing, booking, work, turnout, direction, double bill, takings, present, factory, means of production, thing, automated, result, intersection, dub over, cutting room, reproduction, act, display, balanced equation, merchandise, adsorb, drudgery, achievement, behave, draw, augmentation, produce, proceeds, piece, trot out, big, aerate, make, mathematical product, bond, payoff, movie, yield, behavior, reverse engineering, double feature, cut, business, crop, blooming, overdo, exaggerate, composition, industrial, occupation, calcify, issue, elaborate, blossoming, mfg., labor, industry, heavy industry, end product, curtain raiser, yielding, direct, planned obsolescence, process, dub in, yield up, increasing, hold up.

Usage examples: