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Definition of productive:

  1. That has the power or quality of producing; fertile; fruitful; causing to exist.


cultivable, amentaceous, ample, cornucopian, plenteous, fatty, formative, causative, conscientious, amentiferous, robust, fructuous, thrive, deep, decisive, reverse engineering, enabling, production, generative, driving, efficacious, fecund, fertile, industrial, fat, profitable, deciding, tireless, fruitful, reproductive, operative, process, full-bodied, factory, efficient, mfg., luxuriant, fissiparous, automated, prolific, instrumental, racy, assiduous, copious, effectual, plentiful, diligent, hard-working, amentaceous, bearing, industry, rich, sedulous, tillable, proliferous, potent, planned obsolescence, procreative, industrious, causal, committed, arable, cultivatable, juicy, oil-bearing.

Usage examples: