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Definition of profane:

  1. Literally, outside, and therefore not consecrated; irreverent to anything sacred; tending to bring religious things into contempt; impious; godless; impure; unholy; secular; allowed for common use.
  2. To treat anything sacred with irreverence or contempt; to put to a wrong use; to pollute; to defile; to debase.


gamy, dispirited, invalidate, secularised, dispirit, uninitiated, load, drab, grease one's palms, sacrilegious, go against, drear, breach, overthrow, infract, porny, ribald, violate, dark, break, smutty, raunchy, deject, sully, spoil, bluish, lascivious, worldly, lead astray, countermine, X-rated, impair, appall, patrician, sabotage, pervert, dishonor, bawdy, irreverent, clean, depress, twist around, dilute, sophisticate, ravish, stag, disconsolate, debauch, humanism, aristocratic, plunder, ribald, misaddress, atheist, ungodly, get down, sacred, vulgar, abuse, godless, void, dismay, outrage, scandalise, unprintable, unorthodox, sorry, religion, transient, trashy, blue-blooded, buy, Fescennine, defile, gamey, temporal, bring down, dreary, desecrating, downhearted, scatological, grim, indecent, transgress, lewd, mar, secular, assault, rationalist, Unholy, risque, impure, common, unsanctified, aristocratical, scandalize, demoralise, dishonour, subvert, misuse, blue, desecrate, shock, depressed, pollute, deconsecrate, debase, lay, sacrilegious, down in the mouth, blasphemous, pornographic, heretic, secularized, cast down, gentle, demoralize, impious, downcast, cloud, puritanic, racy, appal, overturn, locker-room, deflower, naughty, undermine, dirty, lay, unconsecrated, counteract, low-spirited, gutter, unhallowed, puritanical, misguide, unhallowed, gloomy, dismal, irreverent, juicy, weaken, wanton, corrupt, unholy, nonreligious, convolute, scatologic, dingy, filthy, deprave, decent, misdirect, blueish, transitory, foul, stretch, unhallow, down, taint, laic, bribe, nasty, scurrilous, twist, adulterate, mislead, rape, vitiate, spicy, profanatory, alloy, offend, despoil, blasphemous.

Usage examples: