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Definition of profanity:

  1. Irreverence of sacred things.


oath, agnostic, abuse, swearing, sworn statement, filth, obscenity, wantonness, execration, rationalist, filthiness, study at blasphemy, obscenity, cuss, indecency, smut, blaspheming, nastiness, blueness, swear, bad language, swearword, scurrility, bawdry, dirty word, secular, reprobation, scatology, impurity, anathema, heretic, irreligious, humanism, decent, impureness, raunchiness, expletive, profaneness, godless, lewdness, atheist, irreverent, affidavit, scurrilousness, vulgarness, malediction, invective, dirt, profane swearing, dirtiness, vulgarism, curse, raunch, unorthodox, bawdiness, denunciation, adjuration, cursing, vow, foulness, crudity, ribaldry, cussword, imprecation, four-letter word, ban, smuttiness, lasciviousness.

Usage examples: