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Definition of profile:

  1. The head or portrait represented in outline sidewise, or in a side view; the contour of the human face viewed from one of its sides; the contour or outline of any object or objects shown in section as if cut through perpendicularly from top to bottom.
  2. To draw with a side view.


banner headline, characterization, byline, exemplify, cheesecake, visibleness, edge, bone structure, description, indite, crow's feet, set forth, pin down, portrait, corner, compose, brim, story, artwork, base, bevel, back, set out, write, confines, version, apex, surface, announcement, centerfold, classified ad, cheek, bottom, cartoon, article, describe, picture, bump, brow, illustrate, advice column, visibility, crease, paint, pen, complexion, eye, define, depiction, tale, dimple, chin, biography, eye socket, portrayal.

Usage examples: