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Definition of profit:

  1. Profitless.


make headway, derive, costs, acquire, benefit, incoming, usefulness, accumulation, edge, net, proceeds, pull in, gain, virtue, internet, clear, lucre, attain, expediency, earn, lettuce, be of use, repay, meshwork, trump card, lolly, put on, loss, emolument, returns, good, bread, make, profit margin, winnings, net profit, gelt, profits, cyberspace, get ahead, hit, privilege, simoleons, value, interest, net income, addition, gain ground, gain, benefit, aggrandizement, come in handy, pay off, gather, account, reach, arrive at, realise, kale, do good, boodle, take, acquisition, operating profit, come in useful, advantage, sugar, increase, shekels, utility, take in, gross profit, clams, be worth someone's while, bring in, network, return, get, service, pull ahead, help, pay, merit, turn a profit, pelf, gross margin, earnings, avail, used, win, dinero, mesh, advance, percentage, go a long way toward doing something, receipts, improvement, rake-off, cabbage, bottom line, use, incentive, augmentation, payoff, saving, something has something to recommend it, amplification, realize, yield, meshing.

Usage examples: