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Definition of profound:

  1. An abyss.


indistinct, key, complex, impenetrable, cardinal, gravid, lumbering, lowering, abstruse, subterranean, punishing, superficial, sullen, big, overweight, unintelligible, wakeless, labored, mysterious, informed, serious, learned, recondite, great, level-headed, discerning, levelheaded, intricate, hard, weighed down, sage, darksome, cloggy, grievous, muddy, thorough, intense, dense, central, backbreaking, clayey, enigmatical, reasoned, unfathomed, primal, intemperate, operose, dim, grave, involved, complicated, cloudy, reflective, sonorous, thoughtful, rudimentary, threatening, underlying, leaden, dark, expectant, turbid, heavy, with child, doubtful, strong, effectual, intimate, significant, laboured, heartfelt, fundamental, incomprehensible, easy, hidden, ponderous, solemn, large, enlightened, esoteric, silent, ambiguous, sound, shallow, scholarly, healthy, weighty, obscure, unplumbed, fleshy, arduous, unsounded, grueling, penetrating, important, gruelling, good, legal, toilsome, difficult, dusky, enceinte, deep, well-grounded, laborious, surface.

Usage examples: