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Definition of profuse:

  1. Pouring forth abundantly; liberal to excess; exuberant; lavish.


large, bounteous, teeming, widely, heavy, bountiful, adequate, excessive, troubled, rank, disruptive, thick, abounding, sufficient, overliberal, high, debauched, full, sybaritic, exuberant, luxuriant, riotous, spendthrift, plenteous, rich, ample, in profusion, excess, munificent, tumultuous, succulent, dense, huge, dissipated, prolific, plentiful, degenerate, epicurean, overgenerous, abundant, great, extensive, complete, overweening, degraded, considerable, copious, save, enough, voluptuous, voluptuary, liberal, plushy, free, enormous, big, replete, dissolute, substantial, lush, elaborate, turbulent, careful, ebullient, high-spirited, libertine, plush, affluent, luxurious, unstinting, superabundant, galore, lucullan, fast, gushing, generous.

Usage examples: