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Definition of prohibit:

  1. To forbid; to repress; to debar; to hinder; to interdict by authority.


nix, exterminate, get in the way of something, end, discourage, obstruct, extirpate, obliterate, inhibit, not brook something, stamp out, decline, preclude, repeal, allow, squash, disallow, avoid, overthrow, annul, halt, avert, abolish, interdict, hinder, interdict, subvert, destroy, knock something on the head, disallow, veto, stop, hinder, proscribe, impede, supplant, prevent, hinder, reverse, taboo, revoke, set aside, forbid, abate, negative, foreclose, forbid, debar, forestall, enjoin, debar, annihilate, nullify, clamp down, abrogate, terminate.

Usage examples: