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Definition of projection:

  1. A part jutting out; design of something to be executed; the representation of any object or surface made on a plane by straight lines; a plan; a scheme; in alchemy, the casting in of the powder which is to convert the prepared matter into gold.


computational, foresight, undertaking, swelling, forecast, collage, arm, faith, ego, prognosis, project, defense, idea, protrusion, rim, forcing out, expulsion, yield up, thought, display, globe, prediction, aquatint, contour, doodle, hold up, task, overhang, algorithm, jutting, damage, do someone/yourself an injustice, convex, excrescence, bump, bunch, snout, bas-relief, point, prognostication, complex, fixated, ejection, sound projection, swell, coordinate, binomial, gibbosity, wheel out, forecast, fixation, knot, gibbousness, catharsis, caricature, flap, produce, abstract, hump, riddance, theory, protuberance, limb, decimal place, prognostication, belief, grid, countdown, prediction, defense mechanism, number one, atlas, concept, philosophy, exorcism, self-deception, exhibit, guess, boundary, image, jut, commitment, cartography, acoustic projection, cartoon, chart, show, principle, ridge, self-styled, average, deviation, self-critical, daub, outlook, conditioning, canvas, trot out, exclusion, grid reference, self-described, self-image, bulge, delusion, knob, step, ideal, approximation, labor, abacus, algorithm, self-proclaimed, calculation, diptych, prominence, present.

Usage examples: