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Definition of prominent:

  1. Standing out beyond the surface or other parts; full or large, as eyes; distinguished above others; most visible or striking; conspicuous.


noisy, self-aggrandising, braggy, liberal, bombastic, grabby, visible, vainglorious, adult, eye-catching, salient, jut, convex, bodacious, large, hollow, bold, self-aggrandizing, noticeable, pointed, respect, see, knowledge, gravid, turgid, marked, undischarged, orotund, handsome, identifiable, prestigious, cock-a-hoop, braggart, great, with child, overhang, relieved, commanding, bounteous, boastful, bountiful, flamboyant, spectacular, leading, outstanding, openhanded, conspicuous, declamatory, giving, owing, brilliant, bragging, noted, bossy, infamous, striking, depressed, hilly, swelled, catchy, freehanded, extended, projecting, obtrusive, dramatic, protuberant, enceinte, rough, rugged, splashy, project, plain, magnanimous, stick out, kenspeckle, obvious, bulging, star, observable, stick up, apparent, bad, show up, bulge, redoubtable, heavy, manifest, big, the one and only, full-grown, bighearted, arresting, grown, signal, raised, grownup, fully grown, tumid, distinct, crowing, emphatic, expectant, perceptible, noticeable, showy, protrude.

Usage examples: