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Definition of promise:

  1. To assure by a binding declaration; to engage or undertake to do, or not to do; to afford hopes or expectation.
  2. Word pledged; a declaration or engagement, more or less formal, to another; hopes; expectation.


foreknow, tip-off, give (someone) your word, holler, see to it, presage, probability, prospects, forestall, prediction, call off, announce, what the future holds, afliance, the best/worst is yet to come, yell, likelihood, boud, look to, premonition, omen, expectation, hollo, foreshadow, prophecy, indication, anticipate, troth, foresee, foretell, future, augur, prefigure, engagement, prognosticate, pledge, shout, hope, visit, potentiality, predict, symptom, foretaste, vow, swearing, troth, pact, warranty, betrothal, history will show/record/judge etc., sporting chance, litmus test, herald, favourable auspices, covenant, expect, previse, vouchsafe, tomorrow is another day, plight, address, ascertain, betoken, assure, oath, commitment, contract, portend, espousal, guaranty, tell, commit, potential, forecast, look for, send for, profession, name, preview, word of honor, check, bargain, likelihood, possibility, cartel, bode, harbinger, ring, precognition, omens, asseveration, undertake, futuristic, assurance, engage, call, auspicate, in (the) future, threat, annunciate, forebode, profession, counter, see, plight, compact, presentiment, hope, shout out, cry, control, guarantee, parole, Undertaking, signal, squall, call up, phone, call in, prospect, bid, telephone, word, solemn word, reassure, chance, scream.

Usage examples:

  • Will you promise me to come?

    - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.
  • " I promise," Olga said.

    - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.
  • But I promise not to do it again."

    - "The Short Cut", Jackson Gregory.