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Definition of promote:

  1. To forward or advance; to contribute to the growth or progress of anything; to raise to higher rank or honour.


nurture, reduce, raise, build up, make headway, advance, pass, bolster, fail, come along, foster, urge on, fire, urge forward, improve, produce, contribute, advancement, come on, hike, raise, set ahead, elicit, endorse, erect, hype, sympathize, advocate, upraise, gain ground, pass on, pull ahead, bring forward, captaincy, subsidize, tug, recruit, set up, hike up, subscribe to, provoke, excite, track, get on, cry, jump, prove, bill as, campaign, sell, win, increase, labor, publicise, publicize, better, befriend, prefer, forward, stir, push, force, aggrandize, advance, crop, expand, place, nurse, countenance, graduate, advertize, incubate, advertise, flunk, second, crowd, abet, avail, agree with, put up, get up, lift, develop, dress, go on, make for, get ahead, get behind, evoke, serve, speak up for, market, enhance, downgrade, farm, throw out, exalt, tend, aggrandizement, crusade, elevate, sanction, upgrade, plug, nourish, get past, favor, mark down, march on, mail out, arouse, push on, aid, progress, levy, call forth, parent, shape up, feed, press, assist, call down, bear on, leaven, fight, put forward, move on, help, elevate, mark, discourage, magnify, move up, talk up, further, popularize, kindle, boost, labour, ascend, humble, push, foment, resurrect, conjure up, patronize, cultivate, embolden, elevation, grade, back, support, bump up, prefer, agitate, urge, subserve, encourage, launch, drive, ally, encourage, rise, draft in, forward, puff, invoke, bring up, conjure, kick upstairs, commissioner, ballyhoo, get along, instigate, call up, culture, ennoble, enkindle, benefit, help, further, knowledge, weaken, draft, divest, incite, bench, captain, catapult, demote, pitch, align, exalt, tout, strengthen, grow, uphold, supercharge, gain, champion, rear, heighten.

Usage examples: