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Definition of pronto:

Synonyms for pronto:

presto, forthwith, quickly, like a shot, right away, double-quick, readily, apace, headlong, briskly, in nothing flat, like wildfire, like the wind, right off, promptly, bang, straightway, instantaneously, presently, speedily, straight off, soon, posthaste, fleetly, swiftly, instantly, snappily, without delay, PDQ, right, right now, flat out, straightaway, rapidly, plumb, like a house on fire, hot, swift, fast, like a streak, now, directly, in a flash, like greased lightning, chop-chop, hell-for-leather, like a bat out of hell, like a flash, hastily, instanter, lickety-split, full tilt, quick, like a blue streak, incontinently.

Usage examples: