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Definition of prop:

  1. That on which anything rests; a support; a stay.
  2. To keep up by placing something under or against; to support; to sustain.


dub over, spur, cherish, fifteen, advance person, bear, conversion, cutaway, dub, set, dimension, set ashore, animation, gantry, frame, airscrew, settle, pile, acolyte, lay, stay, belongings, holding, carry, lock, cut, foundation, put, line-out, maintain, place kick, keep, reinforcement, dub in, ancillary, conversion kick, mount, position, direct, sustain, Australian Rules football, administrative assistant, assistant, keep up, rafter, balance, shore up, scaffold, set out, hold up, shore, cutting room, place, property, accomplice, put down, ally, prop up, direction, land, attribute, agent, fly half, stanchion, framework, joist, dub out, convert, airplane propeller, aid, mounting, aide.

Usage examples: