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Definition of propagate:

  1. To spread or cause to increase in number; to extend; to cause to go from person to person; to carry from place to place; to disseminate; to have offspring or issue.


send, relay, go around, imbue, broadcast, circulate, spread, dissipate, compost, point out, unfold, mobilise, fan out, promulgate, -celled, circle, riddle, divulge, noise, dispense, give out, break up, create, bed out, overspread, spread out, reproduce, give someone to understand (that), permeate, sprinkle, dispel, produce, mete out, pervade, aerate, lot, stagger, allot, bonsai, let someone know, deal out, pass out, feed, distribute, deadhead, originate, dot, spawn, sire, bruit, administer, father, knowledge, cross-fertilize, chloroplast, grow, blaze, blazon, report, open, reproduction, diffuse, pass on, mobilize, cross-pollinate, pass around, circularize, care for, dish out, cell membrane, parcel out, dole out, cell wall, shell out, proliferate, drill, dust, disperse, raise, multiply, scatter, culture, penetrate, culture medium, develop, cellular, cytology, tell, air, interpenetrate, Spread, cell, hand out, advise, deal, brief, deliver, disseminate, beam, advertise, transmit, cultivate, increase, circularise.

Usage examples: