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Definition of property:

  1. Peculiar quality; that which is inherent in a thing, or essentially natural to it; an acquired or artificial quality; the exclusive right of possessing and disposing of a thing; the thing owned or possessed; an estate.


estates, holding, differentia, inheritance, things, possessions, attribution, berth, chattels, retention, acreage, factor, Wealth, home, dower, yard, keeping, owned, landed, acre, thing, character, prop, dowry, lieu, homestead, space, effect, plot, proportion, dimension, specific, stuff, belonging, fingerprint, section, material possession, savor, joiuture, park, office, airplane propeller, personal effects, nature, real property, point, fixed asset, diagnostic, campus, land, affection, topographic point, belongings, facet, belongings, field, grant, patrimony, piazza, claim, movable, goods, plat, place, be, frontage, tract, appurtenance, attribute, lot, component, personal property, holding, billet, acres, Realtor, blank space, valuables, criterion, subdivision, surveyor, real estate agent, lares and penates, law, grounds, heritage, premises, good, airscrew, marker, estate agent, touch, stead, plaza, note, shoes, parcel, part, seat.

Usage examples: