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Definition of prophet:

  1. A mantis.


seer, ayatollah, gentile, bard, bar mitzvah, burka, horoscopist, haruspex, chador, chief rabbi, sibyl, mouth, prognosticator, bless, advocate, illusionist, visionary, witch, ideologue, druid, oracle, Chanukah, futurist, meteorologist, bat mitzvah, angel, Epistle, foreteller, tea-leaf reader, foresight, proponent, Black Muslim, crescent, foreseer, ovate, blaspheme, the Fall, clairvoyant, adherent, archangel, blessing, spokesman, speaker, evocator, augur, mouthpiece, ress, the Old Testament, Allah, the New Testament, prophesier, astrologer, absolution, OT, the Holy Bible, gospel, auspex, fortuneteller, the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant, dairy, medium, blasphemy, sympathizer, the Good Book, exponent, wizard, point person, sponsor, follower, palmist, caliphate, sorceress, supporter, burqa, blasphemous, Holy Writ, dervish, biblical, vaticinator, prophetess, friend, caliph, angelic, reader of the future, magus, article of faith, point man, weather forecaster.

Usage examples: