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Definition of prophetic:

  1. Foreseeing or announcing future events.


prognostic, prefigurative, apocalyptical, bless, forecast, sibylline, oracular, blasphemy, premonitory, fatidical, promise, blaspheme, foreboding, blessing, adumbrative, portentous, archangel, apocalyptical, prophetical, divinitory, mantic, blasphemous, predict, sibyllic, Delphic, prediction, foresee, angel, angelic, precursory, second-sighted, prognosticative, prophecy, presentiment, apocalyptic, precognition, fatidic, premonition, vatical, vatic, visionary, clairvoyant, absolution, precognitive, predictive, divinatory, fateful, vaticinal, foretell, foresight, article of faith, foreshadowing, augural, revelatory.

Usage examples: