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Definition of proportion:

  1. Relation or correspondence of parts between unequal things of the same kind; symmetry; in arith., a rule in which three terms are given to find a fourth; in geom., the identity, equality, or similitude of ratios; mutual fitness or correspondence of parts to each other, and to the whole; equal degree; equal or just share; form; size.
  2. To adjust the comparative relation of one thing, or one part, to another; to form symmetrically; to divide into equal or just shares.


relation, block, comparison, charm, study at symmetry, residuum, property, symphony, character, magnetism, residue, counterbalance, equilibrium, equaliser, lure, backlog, attune, take, remainder, good looks, harmonize, proportions, correspondence, simile, analogy, consonance, charisma, reconcile, glamor, end, parity, allure, counterpoise, conform, balance, integrate, residual, equipoise, coincidence, glitz, coherence, beautiful, moiety, harmony, way, unity, arithmetic, equalizer, agree, coordinate, ratio, big, semblance, appeal, resemblance, counterweight, orchestration, tune, balance wheel, symmetry, isotropy, relationship, attribute, proportionality, concinnity, consonancy, affinity, similarity, scale, likeness, accommodate, rest, similitude, batch, accumulation, symmetricalness, dimension, degree, rate.

Usage examples: