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Definition of propose:

  1. To offer for consideration; to bring forward for consideration or adoption; to offer one's self in marriage.


offer up, state, purpose, contend, aspire, stick out, evoke, visualize, pop the question, contemplate, provide, press, declare oneself, toss out, appoint, put forward, indicate, vote, offer, bachelorette party, send word, bounce, volunteer, target, externalize, cast, proffer, put forth, betrothal, bridal shower, put up, set forth, hint, go, put before, pose, best man, jut out, name, apprise, externalise, tender, protrude, introduce, oppose, notify, banns, adduce, allow, bridal, rede, place, be going to do something, picture, come up with, get, dissent, float, draw a bead on, send off, aim, purpose, hold out, planned, image, shoot for, betrothed, affirm, take aim, paint a picture, move, make, calculate, project, propound, nominate, jut, suggest, visualise, plan on, bid, bride, submit, see, put to, recommend, have big ideas/plans, give notice, fancy, advise, figure, purport, bridal party, start out, envisage, direct, advance, envision, apprize, take, extend, intimate, constitute, train, look, bachelor party, throw, point, drive, meditate, Midland, assert, Offer, counsel.

Usage examples: