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Definition of proposition:

  1. That which is proposed or offered for consideration or acceptance; an offer of terms; in math., a theorem or problem for demonstration or solution; that which is offered or affirmed; the first part of a poem or discourse in which the subject of it is stated; in gram. and logic, a sentence, or part of one, consisting of a subject, a predicate, and a copula; a form of speech in which the predicate is affirmed or denied of a subject.


allegation, Chapter 7, mesmerism, sweep someone off their feet, overture, submission, affirmation, background, act, deviation, algorithm, man-eating, claim, circumstance, tease, environment, nomination, declaration, decimal place, civil rights, apology, bylaw, approximation, flirtatious, prompting, climate, coquettish, come-on, event, calculation, countdown, premise, civil law, have your eye on someone, average, accusation, proposal, statement, resolution, assurance, case law, binomial, avowal, abacus, proposal of marriage, offer, hypnotism, situation, conditions, supposition, proffer, project, apologia, flirt, doctrine, pick up, Chapter 11, pair off, on the make, flirtation, announcement, thesis, computational, context, bill, run after, recommendation, chase, hypothesis, trace, a fast worker, algorithm, suggestion, chat up, bid, marriage offer, position, civil liberties, state of affairs, assertion, attestation, theorem, coquetry, marriage proposal, ask out, hint, make a pass at someone.

Usage examples: