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Definition of prosaic:

  1. Pert. to or resembling prose; dull; tedious; uninteresting.


trite, stock, average, common, pragmatic, everyday, sterile, flavorless, real, threadbare, standard-issue, garden-variety, colorless, cut-and-dried, lifeless, hardheaded, spiritless, hard, earthbound, lusterless, tough-minded, usual, well-worn, uninteresting, unremarkable, matter of fact, lackluster, drab, commonplace, standard, old-hat, excite, hackneyed, unglamourous, unromantic, nondescript, normal, workaday, unglamorous, pedestrian, stodgy, shopworn, objective, banal, sober, pragmatical, realistic, arid, terrestrial, tired, unrhetorical, prosy, aseptic, unexciting, unimaginative, routine, down-to-earth, run-of-the-mill, uninspired, flat, practical, timeworn, unexceptional, nitty-gritty, humdrum.

Usage examples: