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Definition of prosecute:

  1. To follow or pursue after for a purpose; to persist in or continue, as efforts already begun; to seek to obtain by legal process; to sue criminally; to carry on a legal prosecution.


lease, engage, rent, negotiate, occupy, stay the course, appear, plight, compass, call, execute, quest for, quest after, carry out, follow up on, pull off, act on, hire, affiance, mesh, summon, wage, carry on, persist, commit, go on, make, perform, follow through, Accuse, prefer charges (against someone), affirm, put through, bring someone up on charges of something, follow, contest, employ, bring, follow up, appeal, pursue, allow, accomplish, get on, persevere, go after, take, press ahead, lock, continue, perpetrate, bring off, claim, law, bring before, charter, absorb, carry off, operate, finish, betroth, do, censure, enlist, engross, achieve, keep on, fulfill.

Usage examples: