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Definition of prospect:

  1. A looking forward; a distant view; that which is present to the eye, as a scene or landscape; regard to something future; expectation.


probability, view, break, recruit, likely, outlook, anticipated, lookout, seeker, opportunity, the initiative, future, picture, in (the) future, setting, gallery, contender, colliery, survey, leader, horizon, browser, surprise, high-flier, mentality, futuristic, forecast, first moment, chance, sporting chance, face, applicant, look, choice, vista, customer base, coal miner, candidate, sight, expectance, eyeshot, goldmine, coalfield, odds, hazard, consumer, prognosis, mindset, anticipation, medical prognosis, customer, thought, persuasion, cyclorama, expectancy, campaigner, panorama, arithmetic mean, hopeful, superwoman, tomorrow is another day, history will show/record/judge etc., expectant, luck, expected value, landscape, scenery, boy wonder, clientele, early adopter, capability, gold rush, top dog, hope, eventuality, client, contemplation, expectation, access, possibilities, the best/worst is yet to come, end user, opening, expected, presumption, diorama, late adopter, threat, shot, potential, facet, success story, what the future holds, conniption, expression, coal mining, aspirant, tantrum, sentiment, mind-set, position, applier, coal, scope, likelihood, opinion, see, scene, survivor, fortune, perspective, hotshot, command, conflict diamonds, window of opportunity, purview, facial expression, in the offing, backdrop, performer, nominee, potentiality, planned, coal mine, fit, aspect, buyer, possibility, promise, viewpoint.

Usage examples: