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Definition of prosper:

  1. To render fortunate or happy; to thrive; to be successful; to flourish.


be enriched, be/get there, blossom, attain, do well, boom, thrive, function, catch on, fare well, achieve, roll in the lap of luxury, take off, win out, work, shape up, wave, go, burgeon, win, prevail, develop, Thrive, come off, be fortunate, be a roaring success, expand, do right by oneself, bloom, make good, go strong, come on, Fligh High, get on, make a fortune, make money, arrive, get ahead, rise, turn out well, increase, brandish, become wealthy, come along, batten, work out, have good fortune, fatten, score, go great guns, advance, flourish, do wonders, benefit, flower, fly high, bear fruit, gain.

Usage examples: